The R Company: Celebrate people

In the last weeks of our blogpost series “The R Company” we have shown: Resilience not efficiency will drive companies to long-lasting success.

To get there, organizations need to reimagine both work design and workforce. These strategic ambitions can only be met if executives make sure that they have their resources, their work design and their talent ready to sense and respond to continuous changes. Investing in the resilience of employees is key to ensure smart business decisions. In the fifth part of our series on key principles of the R Company we will be focusing on people as the true potential for resilience.

Celebrate people

Productivity and progress are based on the resilience of people and organizational structures. The true potential for transformation lies within the people of a company. To foster resilience, enterprises, need to understand and engage their teams. A satisfied employee, who feels nurtured and included, affects every process along the value chain positively.

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Each team member must learn techniques and actions needed for protecting themselves from negative effects of potential stressors. The degree to which an organization weaves this necessary behaviour and training into its workforce determines how quickly they will adapt and thrive in pressure.

There are many ways to create value for employees, for example: Scheduling regular check-ins, monitoring workloads, planning team-building activities, providing growth opportunities and recognizing those who go above and beyond.

Considering the intensive pressure of the pandemic, these possibilities are not a luxury but a necessity for the resilience of people and organizational structures.

We at Avance strongly believe that the true potential for transformation towards the R Company lies within your people. For us, the most important question to ask is: How do you lead and enabled your people to excel and live up to your values?

To transform your organization into the R Company, its is necessary to bring your people on board. Coaching your teams in workshops to apply new procedures and tolls makes them fit to a resilient work environment. Yet, sometimes, there is a need for new, innovative ideas and meaningful insights. Organisations and their teams need a trainer, an expert, consultant or a coach along their side to connect loose ends and enhance their capabilities. A partner to help release the potential and reach the next level of performance on their journey to excellence.

Becoming the R Company

The resilience of an organization is related to the resilience of other organizations on which it depends, to the individual resilience of its teams, the resilience of the communities they live in, of its sector, and it is even intertwined with the resilience of the nation it is located in.

The term of the R Company might seem fashionable, but in a matter-of-fact way, it is a survival method for the future. Undoubtedly, a future in which companies, people and the planet must be able to thrive in change. Hence, becoming the R Company is not a trendy slogan, but an implementation of values, organizations need to understand and execute to ensure continuous success.

Rapid improvements and sustainable results are not contradictory. On the contrary: early results mobilize and move organizations forward continuously. We know: continuous innovation, robust process designs and an agile culture master future development. Adapt for the better and move on. Be the R company. The resilient company.

This concludes our blogpost series on key principles of the R Company. We have looked at 5 principles that resilient organizations inherit and shared insights of our expertise. However, each business brings their individual identity and therefore their individual case with them and as mentioned above: Sometimes it might be necessary to team up with a partner to really find your drift. We had the honour to accompany many cases of success in varies industries all over Europe, which led us to this understanding: You need to understand the essence of transformation to thrive.

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